Recent Story


1. The Central Lands

You have been leading orcish armies (and some human armies) through the Central Kingdoms, battling both Fey Warlords and their human, giant, and plant thralls. During a big war, you defeated and chased off the Winter King, but Eilid’s cohort died in the battle. Your own Scouts razed an innocent village (because they’re orcs), and the Orcish Rune-Shamans brutally killed the Scouts in punishment. You have hunted down and broken the Giant armies, and scattered many fey. You also met the giant mimic again, but attempts at diplomacy with the mimic failed, partly because Agnar slaughtered many of its satyr worshippers. You have had some success recruiting humans, including Delsy, Priest of Salmon, who knew Eilid’s shieldman Runolf Axe-Namer.

You have found your way to the grave of Runolf Axe-Namer, now a harpy ghost. You’re also approaching the elegant cast of the Duchess with Iron Hands. The tailor may also be there.

2. An Axe Age, A Sword Age, Shields Are Riven

War has come to the world, and the war is probably going to last longer than the world will. The predominant sides are the Karsites and the Southern Empire. The Karsites use weird magics and have generally been enemies to the Northern lands, but the Southern Princes have made alliances with the forces of Hell. Your huge orcish hordes have declared war on the Southern Empire, which is interesting because you’re also oathbound to support them.

3. Resolve vengeance oaths

The Oracle in Karsite lands said that you would not be allowed into Wyrdheim again until you’d completed your vengeance oaths. Agnar swore the party would kill all of the following:

The butterfly-riding people who led you to vampires, especially the tailor. The southern island dictatorship where you worked with revolutionary followers of Stormcrow (a variant cult of Thor) and discovered a Northern Empire temple and a giant Guardian-Statue-sized sword. The black dragon you met at sea. The Thieves’ Guild-backed tailor in a Central village. The snake-people who ruled the dimension-spanning island between northern and Southern lands. The vampire who tried to kill you, whose armor Eilid now wears. (complete!)

Kill all these people, or otherwise resolve your vengeance oaths, before you can return to Wyrdheim.

4. Gazette Mission (optional)

The Gazette is a group that puts out books on foreign lands. They’re kind of like a cross between a travel guide and an encyclopedia. They operate out of the Southern Kingdoms, which is at war with Karsite lands.

The Gazette has asked you to go to Karsite lands, make friends, help them, and write about what you see and learn. It’s a little like spying and a little like medieval journalism. Bring back an article about Karsite lands for the Gazetteers.

Since then, you’ve sworn loyalty to the Gazetteers, and the Gazetteers have changed leadership to Rishi while the Southern Empire has turned to diabolism, so it’s pretty hard to say exactly what should be done with this.

Recent happenings

1. Royal Wedding

Grimgeir and Edit were married, which will put Grimgeir as King of a massive horde of chaotic evil orcs. Yay! Eilid struck out with Kenaz the Living Rune, who married Vigmundr instead. Agnar married Ruka False-Priest, who was in charge of the cult of Luthic before she returned. Also, during the wedding, Agnar became High-Priest, and Luthic the official horde religion. Lofi is still working on courting the sorceress. Warlord was named. During the last dance, two assassinations: Vigmundr and Rishi (twice).

2. Freed Luthic

You recently traveled to a two hundred year old Academy that was founded by the past Northern Empire. In a failed attempt to stop the orcish hordes from conquering the northern lands, the Academy magically imprisoned Luthic, an orcish goddess of primal chaos. The magical equipment that was imprisoning her was threatening to explode and topple the mountain above, which happens to contain Queen Edit’s whole empire. You overcame the magical defenses of the place, and the weird orcs that inhabit it, and magically align Agnar with the dormant goddess. You were then able to disable the mechanisms and free Luthic without causing an explosion. Agnar is her high priest now.

3. Found Guardian Statues Missing

You traveled to pick up Guardian Statues, but you found that they were all claimed by another party of Northern heroes, led by Adalbrikt. One had been replaced by a mimic.

4. Defeated Svartbein the Unborn

Southern Cultists are attempting to raise an undead dragon from total annihilation by bringing a dinosaur corpse into Niflheim for the dragon’s spirit to occupy. You traveled through the Beast Realms to get to the Gate to Hel and destroy Svartbein’s phylactery before the cultists could bring a dinosaur into Niflheim, then traced the location of Svartbein’s phylactery through Helheim and destroyed it.

5. Sworn Oaths

You have recently used platinum chalices to renew and expand your Circle’s Oaths. These oaths now include both Lofi and Rishi, and include a promise to serve the interests of the Gazetteers and, by extension, some allegiance to the Southern Nation.

6. Traveled through Helheim.

While in Helheim, you battled the dead, endured poison and cold and hunger. You sold parts of yourself to Mothguth, the guardian of the Golden Bridge. Grimgeir sold her his voice (which she now sometimes uses to speak through him). Lofi, Agnar, and Eilid all sold their firstborn children. Lofi has already had to go up to Valhalla to recover him, which was arduous to say the least. You also met up with Rishi, who says he’s tracking the demonic head of his roder through various hell-worlds, and Olaf Holy-Shield Cloak-of-Birds, a once-great warrior who was condemned to Helheim for cowardice and then became a death knight.

7. Battle in Aelfheim

In a weird ice cave in Helheim, two bickering dwarves asked you to resolve a war. A tyrant father who ruled a dwarven kingdom had made a pact with an evil dragon. His two sons, both pure of heart, had sworn allegiance with him: one tried to convince him the tyrant father to break his pact with the dragon, the other betrayed his oath and joined forces with a neighboring rival dwarven kingdom and came abck to reinvade the land and turn it into a vassal state of the neighboring kingdom. The two weird dwarves asked you all which side should win (if neither interceded, both sides would weaken until the dragon killed them both.) You ruled for the oathbreaker, over the dragon. Then earth elementals swarmed up and killed the defending forces and the dragon too, and the land was conquered.

8. The anger of Gormr

While traveling in Helheim, you discovered that Alfwald the Hunchback had been sent as a diplomat to Valhalla to offer aid against the corruption of ancestors. Valhalla just tied him up and beat him up instead, refusing the offer. Hel was very angry at this, and assumed that you all (as known enemies of Alfwald) were part of it. She sent Gormr to hunt you and kill you. You spent some time hiding and fleeing from Gormr, but eventually you got the weird dwarves to explain the situation and get you cleared of any troubles, so now you don’t have a divine Hel-hound tracking you anymore. Which is a good thing, really.

9. Beast Realms

To reach Niflheim and destroy Svartbein, you have quested to the Beast Realms. Two of you (Eilid and Lofi) were bitten by werewolves to gain a “beast aspect” to be allowed in. The other two already had enough Beast Aspect. While in the Beast Realms, you cannot return to your normal shape and can only take animal forms, but can change into the shape of an animal by touching that animal’s totem. If you die, you come back the next morning at the last totem you touched. There’s also a risk of losing human intelligence while in the Realms. In the Beast Realms, you have met Agnar’s old animal companion Dragonslayer, as well as a friendly familiar (formerly a viper, now a bird) named Two-Tongue. Both are helping to protect the World Army and its collection of reptilian totems. Apparently Agnar helped get that set up, but doesn’t remember it. you travelld through the Beast-Realms, met with the unsavory Claw Army, recovered a sword for them in exchange for a key to Hell, snookered them out of it again with a brilliant shapeshifting con, were destroyed by the guardians of the Gate, came back to life again, and finally took the gate for yourselves and got through it to get to Helheim..

10. Cohorts and Harpies

Eilid’s cohorts, who did not come along to the Beast Realms, were ambushed by harpies while waiting for you all. However, a group of three sorceresses (a master and two pupils) arrived and helped kill the harpies. Those sorceresses then led you to the ruined academy.

11. Lofi’s Lands

Lofi’s descendents, who are orcs and half-orcs of the Death-Lord tribe, rule over the orcish burial grounds. Through assassination, Lofi took the role of chieftain, and through magical battle Agnar took the title of high shaman. Then you slew a dragon and recaptured your castle — and a stone in the castle gives new magical powers to Lofi’s weapon. Shortly afterward, a magical rune — bearing the same mark that Lofi saw on a card of the Deck of Many Things — came for Lofi, but you all fought it off. Lofi (and to some extent Agnar) now control the lands, and the castle, and have left them under the control of Sharsh, the ghost orc cleric.

12. Cards and Fimbulvinter

Alfwald the Hunchback freed the god Loki from underneath Stormy Peak. Then he left you all a Deck of Many Things, which prophesy had said Eilid should use. You all drew from the Deck of Many Things, and acquired a variety of effects, both positive and negative. After this, Fimbulvintr began: everywhere on the planet is in perpetual winter and nobody will accept currency anymore. The Southern Kingdoms seem to have turned to dark sorcery, though the Gazetteers may be leading the good Southerners to your island to help on the good side.

13. World-Shields

Through tests of valor, and battles with giants and other beasts, you have acquired a set of World-Shields, which allow hikers or a vessel to travel through the worlds. Most of them are in the hands of Eilid’s Followers, back on your settled-home island.

14. Names of the Big Bads

You’ve managed to find the names of the three big bads: Zceryll, the Corruptor of Ancestors (a vestige); Maktun Fire-King (a giant); and Svartbein the Unborn (an undead dragon). You were hired by Isachar (a very evil vampire) to destroy Svartbein the Unborn, in Niflheim, so that Isachar can replace him in the triumvirate. You also met with an agent of Svartbeing the Unborn — a huge undead nightcrawler worm-thing — who offered you great evil power to switch sides and destroy Isachar instead. But in the end you destroyed Svartmein’s minion and Svartbein himself.

15. The Oracle!

You recently fought and got prophesies from a powerful elemental Oracle. You got the following prophesies:

Agnar: “Your circle will not be able to return to Wyrdheim until you have fulfilled your vengeance oaths.” (unconfirmed, but likely)

Alfwald: “The master of Stormy Peak knows the name of the third of the triumvirate.” (proved true! Isachar told you the names of all three.)

Eilid: “Thor wants you to draw four cards before the sundown you see them.” (proved true! You drew the Deck of Many Things, and a lot happened.)

Ralph: “King Albrecht ascended with angels and dragons to battle Zceryll, corruptor of ancestors, and so shall you.” (unconfirmed)

Lofi: “This pool will lead you to the Hall of the World-Shields.” (proved True!)

Sharsh: “The time has come to return your homeland and lead an army.” (proved True!)


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