Recent Prophecies

These prophecies were recently given during combat with an Oracle

There will be great battle, blood will rain from the sky’s, locust will swarm our enemies, and we will be victorius… Or something.

So strong is the might of the Frozen Fist of Winter that we must not just fight just those of this world, but we will fight the armies of hell itself as well, and we will crush them been us!

The island of butterfly peole are ravaged by war. They are divided. They are openly ruled by the vampires. They are more militant and less prosperous than once they were. They are also more well hidden, though on the same island.

The island of (evil people, storm crow) is allied with the Karsites. The sword in their town belongs to you. It will take armies to face them, and they command the forces of fire.

Krezeus the black dragon has joined the great game in hopes of surviving the end of the world. He has taken his place under the sea. To find his lair, began at the Northerners new home, travel south by south, by southwest, until the eye of the bear is directly upward. Dive down. There will be two shipwrecks. The hidden entrance is halfway between the two.

The Lords of Winter rule over the Central Kingdom now. The tailor is their puppet for their evil amusement. The humans there live for the cruel pleasures of the fey. To kill the tailor, you must deal with the greatest of the winter kings.

You also face Snake People. They are from another world, and their presence here is a footnote in our history. You must leave our world to fight them. Leave your servants, or they will be taken from you. Be aware that in their world, you face madness.

Once you do these things, you will have fulfilled these oaths.

Recent Prophecies

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