The Vows

Here is the current list of Vows:

Protect our Faith, Safeguard it, and always represent the best of Thor’s teachings. Never flee when one of our own is in danger. Never take the side of an outsider against our own.

Sacrifice ourselves for the greater need. Never forget the evil that has tormented us. Defend good nature against evil, especially vs. evil dragons. Dedicate our lives to the restoration of our people.

Guard the health of each others bodies and souls. Heal each other in battle, even at the cost of our own life. Reestablish the Monarchy, protect each other’s lives, Seek Evil in new areas, Hunt down: The Vampire, Tailor in town (said twice), Evil Butterfly People, Snake People, Black Dragon, Orcs, Island of Evil People

Abide by the oaths of the Gazetteers, but only for the cause of good: to seek and share knowledge, to publish only the truth, to protect the good people of the Southern Kingdom, and to aid the good Southern Princes.

Lead our tribe into the world that comes next, and be the paragons of heroism that will inspire future heroes of the tribe.

I swear to stand by my brothers in battle, guarding their bodies and souls, and to give them the final rest they deserve, to protect their memories and legacies for our people in the world that comes after.

Powers of the Vow:

Salve: Pool of 75 hp. As swift action, heal self or another. Can instead heal ability damage at 4hp/1 ability rate of exchange.

Shroud: (CL lowest member of group.) Constant gentle repose. Each member can false life 1/day. Lasts until duration ends or damage lost in battle.

Death Ward effect 10 minutes/day total for group. Start or stop as swift action. +4 insight bonus to saves against death effects, negative energy, and massage damage.

The Vows

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